Track of the Sky_ Nonfiction influenced by Joyce

The dancing of the tongue is equally as stunning as words itself. Effulgent wind, effulgent rainfall of golden moon, effulgent skies.

“Effulgent” is such a quite word. The reduced component of the front 2 teeth touch as well as lower the center of the reduced lips a little bit. After that the mouth opens up. Aaaaaa. After that the mouth shuts, the pointer of the tongue touches the taste buds, as well as afterwards, the tongue presses the taste buds a little as well as launches it, just to touch it once again the following minute. This is exactly how “effulgent” types in the mouth. The dancing of the tongue is equally as stunning as words itself. Effulgent wind, effulgent rainfall of golden moon, effulgent skies.

A bird skyrocketing high in the effulgent skies underneath the surface area of deep space as well as over the darkness of its very own, the bird rested on a cable. The cord drank a little bit. A tiny surge in the wind, a tiny bird on the string. Out the string of a guitar however on the string that linked electrical posts. If the skies was the body of a blue guitar as well as the local post was the bridge as well as the outermost one the nut, after that these strings would certainly have been the strings of a guitar. And after that the bird would certainly be a vocal singing guitar choice.

The bird rested, as well as awkwardly, blankly, progressively, observed trying to find something–anything–that it will certainly have the ability to feast on as well as absorb. It looked amongst the labyrinth of lanes, birds flying over, two-three, essentially than one or infinity. Wind comes, wind goes, trembling plumes, rustling silence of the sunlight, floating cosy clouds of effulgence. Peep, peep, peeeeep-ing of automobiles, clicking of bells, useandhourawwmorething of congested passion, virtue of the rolling wheels of lorries as well as the toktoktok of equines speed, the exhausted light of web traffic as well as couple of tiny pests dead or tantalised by the thrilling ranges of red, yellow, environment-friendly. Individuals tipping on actions. Spewing, coughing, blowing smokes of smoke, breathing airborne, air defeating the wall surface of the lungs, folding the sleeves, buttoning as well as undoing the tee shirt. Absolutely nothing, every little thing, as well as anything in between taking a trip with the light’s rate towards the development of presence, to the core of absurdity as well as partition amongst entities.

Points that draw as well as press, exist as well as rest, exist as well as talk the reality. The sincere, the scams, the phony Freudian Marxist dispersing spiritual publicity for secularism. Individuals under altered background not recognizing what it truly is, as well as in between both hands of a lady, 3 flowers of some yellow blossom existing with a happy position while her representation is broken in a damaged mirror. As well as like a drying out mirage of a damaged mirror, your remote birds have actually consumed my heart. They have actually giggled when the strings of gold obtained torn in the hands of corroded gods.

On the height of a wonderful dawn, they transform bloody–sank, like the dead heart of Billy Brown. As well as the darkness of sculptures resemble dual replicas of life–of life of a starving detainee, hairless, injured, as well as tortured, raped, torn like the documents of divine bibles in the heart. Defeating heart of a shed youngster, dropping ashes of an ended cigarette, as well as the last pain muscular tissue of a blind eye. The passing away umbilical cable of Dali’s eyebrow, of Breton’s slow-moving hands, composing words on the parchment of human head, engraving plain series of balanced turn within the container of a vesseled area, thousand poise streaming far from the life of video games as well as play as well as the vaginal canal of your enthusiast’s heart open up to my uncircumcised desire. Simply a minute of my unsightly breath on thy rank skin, burns as well as shivers the capillaries from within swallowing up all my trust fund. Seeing as well as consuming away heaven of skies from a fragmented beak of a clinically depressed seagull that, in my tummy, squeals the noise of interested mutes, loitering for fruits of my living kidney-stone, of my tumor flesh, completely accepted in my unshaven gown, seeing the rainfall attracting the lane of dance cows with rounded clenched fists, making checklists in my bones, in baby tones, full of lendings of lots of words as well as rhymes, like a chime of a spiritual whorehouse, of a contaminated church, like the scent of Scriptures web page, with the heart-beat of 2 braves dancing on the top of the Kaba, holding a violet Rubaba. They are dancing-dancing with the claps, seems like old as well as old puts in our grieving eyes that never ever rejects the life of my life, the sole of my footwear, the heart of my influenza will certainly never ever pass away, as well as it permanently depend on the saying, trembling, surrounding illumination of my darkening hope, gradually fading away right into the intestinal tract of a rotten Pope.

Abdullah Rayhan is examining English Literary works at Jahangirnagar College.